Congressman Pete Aguilar, House Democratic Caucus Chair

“As a Member that served on the Committee on House Administration, which oversees federal elections and voting rights, I’ve seen firsthand how the basic right to vote is being attacked each day. I commend the team at Save Democracy PAC for pushing back against these attempts to limit access to the ballot and make our Democracy inclusive for all.”

Ritchie Torres

Congressman Ritchie Torres

“As Republicans work to turn back the clock on voting rights and disenfranchise communities of color from their basic right to vote, I’m proud to stand alongside the team at Save Democracy PAC in fighting for free and equitable elections. If we are to rid out voter suppression once and for all, we have to take on the suppression architects at the ballot box. I commend Save Democracy PAC for stepping up to elect more reform minded candidates across our country.”

Jocelyn Benson

Jocelyn Benson, Michigan Secretary of State

“Free and fair elections are meant to be a fundamental right in our Democracy. As restrictive voting laws are being implemented nationwide, Save Democracy PAC is taking the fight state-by-state to protect the integrity of our elections and eliminate the toxic influence of big money in politics.”

Steve Simon

Steve Simon, Minnesota Secretary of State

“Save Democracy PAC is making the smart investments we need to protect and elect more progressive Secretaries of State. Their support in battleground states like Minnesota will be crucial heading into 2022.”