Save Democracy PAC is running a nationwide effort to confront and defeat Republican extremism up and down the ballot.

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Who We Are

Save Democracy PAC is running a nationwide effort to confront and defeat Republican extremism up and down the ballot. To the halls of Congress, Governors mansions, Lieutenant Governorships, Secretaries of State, and State Legislative Chambers, Save Democracy has been investing millions of dollars to elect strong democratic leaders that will protect our right to vote, ensure the security of our elections and reform our broken campaign finance system.

At every turn, we have witnessed Donald Trump and Republicans delegitimize our elections, purge millions of Americans from the voter rolls, impose burdensome voting restrictions, cripple the postal service, and block communities of color from their fundamental right to vote.

That is why Save Democracy PAC is investing direct resources to elect principled leaders that will take Republicans head on and restore integrity to our elections. In the 2022 cycle, Save Democracy PAC raised and donated nearly $5 MILLION to elect candidates for state and federal office.

Our Priorities


  • Same day voter registration
  • No excuse absentee voting
  • Prepaid return postage for absentee ballots
  • Online voter registration
  • Automatic voter registration
  • Mobile voting options
  • At least 30 days of early voting
  • Full restoration of the Voting Rights Act
  • Eliminating rigorous voter ID laws
  • Restored voting rights for convicted felons that have completed their sentences


  • Require 501 C4’s to disclose donors
  • Public financing for elections
  • Overturn the disastrous Citizens United Vs. FEC Supreme Court ruling
  • Disclose all online political ad purchases
  • Crack down on foreign interference in our elections

Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell, Republican Legislatures and Secretaries of State know that their power is contingent on the system being rigged in their favor. If we want to change the laws, we MUST WIN ELECTIONS.

Our Work

“As a Member that served on the Committee on House Administration, which oversees federal elections and voting rights, I’ve seen firsthand how the basic right to vote is being attacked each day. I commend the team at Save Democracy PAC for pushing back against these attempts to limit access to the ballot and make our Democracy inclusive for all.”

Congressman Pete Aguilar, House Democratic Caucus Chair
“As Republicans work to turn back the clock on voting rights and disenfranchise communities of color from their basic right to vote, I’m proud to stand alongside the team at Save Democracy PAC in fighting for free and equitable elections. If we are to rid out voter suppression once and for all, we have to take on the suppression architects at the ballot box. I commend Save Democracy PAC for stepping up to elect more reform minded candidates across our country.”
Ritchie TorresCongressman Ritchie Torres

“Free and fair elections are meant to be a fundamental right in our Democracy. As restrictive voting laws are being implemented nationwide, Save Democracy PAC is taking the fght state-by-state to protect the integrity of our elections and eliminate the toxic infuence of big money in politics.”

Jocelyn BensonJocelyn Benson, Michigan Secretary of State

“As the only Democrat in 2020 to fip a Secretary of State seat from red-to-blue, Save Democracy PAC played an instrumental role in getting us across the fnish line. Their efforts are critical to ensuring we elect more Democratic Secretaries of State across the country and protect our fundamental right to vote”.

Shemia FaganShemia Fagan, Oregon Secretary of State

“Save Democracy PAC is making the smart investments we need to protect and elect more progressive Secretaries of State. Their support in battleground states like Minnesota will be crucial heading into 2022.

Steve SimonSteve Simon, Minnesota Secretary of State

Elections Matter



We have seen Senate and House Republicans defund our elections, encourage foreign interference in our elections and allow the rich and powerful to unfairly influence our government. House Democrats passed “For the People Act” House Resolution 1 in 2019 to expand voting rights and crack down on corruption in government. Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans wouldn’t even bring the bill up for a vote.

Secretaries of State:

When then Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp was running for Governor in 2018, over 500,000 voters were removed from the voter rolls leading up to his election. As the top election official in their state, Secretaries of State control election procedures across our country. To fully see fair and secure elections, we need reform minded democratic leaders overseeing elections.

Voter Suppression

State Legislature:

In North Carolina, where there is an elected Democratic governor, Republican legislators have worked with surgical precision to pass racially charged voter ID laws and implement gerrymandered maps that prevent communities of color from having fair representation. Save Democracy will elect state legislative leaders committed to non-partisan independent redistricting commissions. Politician’s should never make their own maps.

Join the fight to reform our government and elect Democratic leaders across our country

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